Dramboree 2015


We’re back. July 3, 4 and 5.

Yes, we all had such a magnificent time at Dramboree last year, WE’VE DECIDED TO DO IT AGAIN!

Do you ever find yourself looking at a bottle of whisky on your shelf, thinking “I’ll open that when the time is right!”?  Us too.  The right moment often just needs the right company – so the first Dramboree was created to provide just that moment.


Now in its third year, the Dramboree concept is simple: get a group of people enthusiastic about whisky together in a beautiful Scottish countryside location for the weekend and everyone brings a bottle (or two, or three, etc.) to share with likeminded folk who’ll appreciate what you’ve brought!  And while in Scotland, we’ve arranged a rather special distillery visit – not something that tour buses or casual visitors would ever have the chance to do.

the_table4And to make it even easier for you, all you need to do is arrange transport to Edinburgh – we’ll take you from there to the site, and back again at the end of the event!

Your ticket includes:

  • Travel from Edinburgh to the venue, and back again on the Sunday on The Dramboree Coach
  • Travel from venue to distillery tour and back
  • Once-in-a-lifetime special distillery tour
  • Dramboree whisky tasting workshops
  • Opportunity to purchase limited edition Dramboree 2015 bottling
  • Bunkhouse accommodation for the weekend
  • Dramboree tasting glass
  • All meals for the duration

Ridiculously, we’ve even managed to keep the price of the weekend the same as last year: £190 for the weekend!

If you’d like any further information then why not have a look at our FAQ, or get in contact with us?





A few words from last year…

Alwynne Miss Whisky
As always with whisky, it is about so much more than the drink. It is about the events, the memories made, the atmospheres and the people who share it with you that really bring it all to life.
Sean Manchester Whisky Club
There were far too many amazing drams to recount, but highlights for me were the 1970s ceramic decanter Bruichladdich 15, the 1980s Bowmore 12, 1950s Teachers (unbelievably tasty!) and an absolutely corking 30 year old Linkwood from Diageo’s Rare Malts series. And a glorious weekend it was. Thanks everyone – we’ll see you in 2015!
Matt Edinburgh
The amount of laid back time to enjoy the whisky table and meeting folks was great. The BBQ food was amazing. You guys really arranged things so well that it all flowed very well, didn’t feel rushed, and chose fantastic events/workshops that really stood out. All the festivals I’ve been to before — whisky fringe, whisky lounge, etc have been about distilleries pushing their current range. The sharing of bottles that people wanted to bring was so unique to me, the whole thing was worth it just for the sharing table.
Judy London
The food was good, the BBQ food was AMAZING ! Definitely good value for money for 2 nights accommodation, food ,cocktails and all the tastings.

I would hate it if it was a big event, I liked the size and think I spoke to almost everyone there at some point, and was made to feel very welcome by everyone.

Sander The Netherlands
Location location location!!! Stunning! The amount of tastings was nice, spot on for me.

Small crowd and venue worked really well!

Really intimate and got to talk to a lot of people.

Dave London
The dram table was a superstar.

I found the tastings very interesting, both in terms of the whisky and the discussion.

Obviously the scenery, especially from the end of the pier, was spectacular.

The barbecue food on Saturday evening. Words fail me.

The people were really nice too. Great attitude/atmosphere.

Niels The Netherlands
The location was stunning. I liked the masterclasses by Stephen, Angus and Annabel and I’m sure the other two were quite enjoyable as well. Food was excellent. Very nice that I could buy some good local beers.

And we enjoyed the Distillery visit. This is what makes Dramboree attractive for us overseas visitors.

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