Here’s a selection of the more Frequently Asked Questions we’ve had so far.  If your question isn’t answered here, please get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll do our best to answer!

Leading up to the Event (1)

I can’t make it any more – how do I get a refund?

As outlined in the event T&Cs, unfortunately we’re not able to issue immediate refunds if people are unable to make it along.  We’re running this event as a low-budget, non-profit event and we don’t have a huge financial cushion to draw upon.


If you’re unable to make it to Dramboree for whatever reason please do contact us and let us know.  We can put your ticket back on sale and if we’re able to find someone else to take the spot we’ll transfer your money back.

Getting to and from Dramboree (4)

What if I miss the coach, or can’t make it by 2pm?

The trip from Glasgow to the Dramboree site involves a scenic coach trip into the Southern Highlands, and then we have a chartered ferry to cross Loch Lomond.  We don’t have any way to come and collect you from Glasgow if you miss it.

If you need to get there by your own steam (bearing in mind, nobody’s had to do this yet…) we think the best option would probably be a train to Balloch and a taxi from there.

But it’d just be a lot easier (and cheaper) if you can be at Buchanan Bus Station before 2pm on the Friday.

Can I drive my car to Dramboree?

We would strongly prefer that everyone travel by the Dramboree coach (included in the ticket price).

Parking at the Dramboree site is limited and as we’ll be sampling whisky all weekend we’re committed to ensuring the safety of all involved.

How do we get to Dramboree?

Transport to and from the event is all included in the ticket price.  You just need to arrange your own transport to and from Glasgow.

What are the coach times for Dramboree?

The Dramboree coach will depart from Glasgow’s Buchanan Bus Station at 2:00pm on Friday July 6th.

We’ll have you back in Glasgow around 2pm on Sunday the 8th.  We may be back a little earlier, traffic permitting, but please don’t count on it for transport connections.

At Dramboree (8)

What whisky do I need to take along to share?

It’s totally up to you!

The idea of taking a bottle of whisky to share is purely based on the idea that lots of people have bottles which they maybe bought or were given and have been saving for “the right moment” to open, but then never seem to find that moment.  Everyone’s at Dramboree because they’re interested in whisky.  What’s not to love about sharing with an appreciative audience?

Just bring something you’ve either been meaning to open, and haven’t – or buy something you’ve been interested in trying and suspect other people might enjoy too.  Or perhaps you’ve opened some peculiar bottles of GlenWTF and it wasn’t quite to your tastes – you can bring along the dregs to share too…

Please don’t feel that you have to go out and specially buy an Ardbeg Provenance, Macallan M, etc.  We’d prefer it if you didn’t all turn up with a bottle of Tesco’s Finest Reserve Scotch Whisky – it just wouldn’t make for a very varied weekend.

If in doubt, drop us an email and we can chat about it.

(and of course if you have any Samaroli Port Ellens or pre-war Taliskers tucked away – you are more than welcome to bring them to share!)

What will I need to bring?

Clothes, toiletries, towel, yourselves, and a bottle of whisky to share on the tasting table.

Bedding/linen is provided by the venue.  Towels can be hired by arrangement if you forget yours, or would prefer not to bring it all the way from whatever country you’ve started in.  Can’t help you with spare undercrackers though.

Dramboree’s a nice, happy bunch of people – however please leave valuables at home, as we can’t take any responsibility for them.

Can I have a private room?

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer private rooms at Dramboree.  The event is held in a high-quality hostel type environment – this is for the purposes of finding somewhere to contain the number of people we have, and to keep the prices down.  We feel this suits the style of event we’re running.  Room sizes are between 3 and 6 beds, so they’re not vast caverns full of strangers.

In the leadup to the event we’ll contact everyone who’s coming along with a number of questions, including sleeping preferences.  We’ll do our best to group friends together, to keep snorers away from normal people, to group single-sex rooms where preferred, and generally juggle the whole arrangement to everyone’s satisfaction.  It worked pretty well last year.

What if I feel like I want other drinks or snacks?

The Dramboree venue has a small shop attached where you can buy… well, loads of stuff really.  Snacks, soft drinks, and beers definitely.

It will be open until approximately midnight both nights, and you can pay by cash or card.

Can I bring my own beer to Dramboree?

Unfortunately we must ask that you do not bring your own beer to Dramboree.

It conflicts with the licencing of the venue, and drinking beer on coaches isn’t permitted anyway.

A good selection of locally brewed beers will be available from the on-site shop at the venue.

Will there be wifi?

The venue does have wifi facilities for those who want/need them, however it’s supplied on a prepaid voucher arrangement: £1 for 20 minutes or £3/hour.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?

Dramboree is wheelchair accessible with some assistance required, up to a point.

The coach/ferry part of the trip is not wheelchair-accessible, so you would need to make your own way to and from the venue.

Please contact us for further questions on this.

Is this just a weekend of heavy drinking?

The idea of Dramboree is for whisky enthusiasts to come together to enjoy and sample whisky together – and we advocate a responsible drinking policy.

In the past we have found this to be largely self-regulating – whilst not enforced, taking small samples from the bottles on the tasting table means that one will be able to experience a wider range of whiskies.  The tasting table will be accessible all weekend long, meaning there’s no urgency or need to get through any number of whiskies in a hurry.

Spittoons and drinking water will be provided for all attendees, and everyone is encouraged to use these throughout the day.

About Dramboree (3)

So, what kind of people come to Dramboree? Is it for me?

The short answer is, all sorts of different people come to Dramboree.

In previous years we’ve had people involved in whisky tasting clubs in different cities, people who worked in whisky shops or for other retailers, whisky “collectors”, a couple of brand ambassadors, as well as people not involved in any organised clubs and who just wanted to try more whisky!  Some of us live whisky nearly every moment of our lives, some were partners along for an interesting & fun weekend, and we’ve even had one bloke had never been to a whisky tasting in his life.

(And, he had a fantastic time)

The key thing is that you’re interested in whisky.  Outside of that though, it’s a great mix.  We’re not going to be intensively be discussing the stuff for the entire time in massive detail, but we certainly won’t have any shortage of it.

Since starting it we’ve had people from whisky clubs in London, Manchester, Glasgow, York, Bristol and Edinburgh come along, as well as The Netherlands, Sweden, France, and 2 guys came in from Dubai and Washington DC!

Where does the money go?

We’re running the event as a non-profitmaking idea – what we’re charging is what it costs.  We wanted to put together the sort of whisky weekend that we’d like to go to, and then decided that it’d be more fun if we set it up as low-cost as possible to enable more people to attend.

If you’re connected, and want to nominate us for the Nobel Peace Prize, well… go on.

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