So, what kind of people come to Dramboree? Is it for me?

The short answer is, all sorts of different people come to Dramboree.

In previous years we’ve had people involved in whisky tasting clubs in different cities, people who worked in whisky shops or for other retailers, whisky “collectors”, a couple of brand ambassadors, as well as people not involved in any organised clubs and who just wanted to try more whisky!  Some of us live whisky nearly every moment of our lives, some were partners along for an interesting & fun weekend, and we’ve even had one bloke had never been to a whisky tasting in his life.

(And, he had a fantastic time)

The key thing is that you’re interested in whisky.  Outside of that though, it’s a great mix.  We’re not going to be intensively be discussing the stuff for the entire time in massive detail, but we certainly won’t have any shortage of it.

Since starting it we’ve had people from whisky clubs in London, Manchester, Glasgow, York, Bristol and Edinburgh come along, as well as The Netherlands, Sweden, France, and 2 guys came in from Dubai and Washington DC!

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