What whisky do I need to take along to share?

It’s totally up to you!

The idea of taking a bottle of whisky to share is purely based on the idea that lots of people have bottles which they maybe bought or were given and have been saving for “the right moment” to open, but then never seem to find that moment.  Everyone’s at Dramboree because they’re interested in whisky.  What’s not to love about sharing with an appreciative audience?

Just bring something you’ve either been meaning to open, and haven’t – or buy something you’ve been interested in trying and suspect other people might enjoy too.  Or perhaps you’ve opened some peculiar bottles of GlenWTF and it wasn’t quite to your tastes – you can bring along the dregs to share too…

Please don’t feel that you have to go out and specially buy an Ardbeg Provenance, Macallan M, etc.  We’d prefer it if you didn’t all turn up with a bottle of Tesco’s Finest Reserve Scotch Whisky – it just wouldn’t make for a very varied weekend.

If in doubt, drop us an email and we can chat about it.

(and of course if you have any Samaroli Port Ellens or pre-war Taliskers tucked away – you are more than welcome to bring them to share!)

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