Ticket info, and a big ol’ scoop of excitement…

Wow! Since announcing our shiny new event we’ve been really overwhelmed with the responses we’ve had from people, and the 2 key vibes we’re getting are:

1) Everyone’s really looking forward to Dramboree!
2) Tickets are going to disappear very quickly indeed when we open up bookings.

Bookings for Dramboree will open at 10am on Friday February 1st on the booking page.

The second piece of information we have to share with you today is to announce one of the two remaining and mysterious Dramboree tasting workshops…

We are RIDICULOUSLY excited to announce that at Dramboree we will be treated to a cask tasting from one of the newest Scottish distilleries, and quite possibly the smallest – Daftmill.

In this WORLD EXCLUSIVE tasting, Francis will be taking us through a selection of Daftmill’s spirits, each distilled in a different season.

Starting production back in 2005, the Daftmill founders Ian and Francis Cuthbert have been keeping an eye on their spirit and waiting for the right moment for it to be set loose on the whisky world.  This tasting will be the first ever tasting of Daftmill held outside of the distillery walls (which is a small farmhouse in the Howe of Fife – they produce their own barley, and the water source is an onsite artesian well).

Needless to say – we’re extremely lucky to have this great opportunity, and we’re very proud to have Francis along as part of Dramboree!

As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to want to get a ticket…

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