Dramboree 2014 – it’s real!

After 2013’s roaring success, how could we NOT run another Dramboree?!

Following up on the excellent feedback we got from everyone who came to 2013 we’ve put our thinking helmets on and designed an event which promises to be bigger, better, and as much if not more fun than last time.

One of the main things we’ve done is practically double it in size – that gives more whisky fans opportunity to come along & share our whisky, and bring bottles of their own to share!

We’ve trimmed back the tasting workshops slightly – we tried to cram so much in last year that we didn’t really give everyone a chance to explore the sharing table.  And because different people loved different things about the different tasting workshops, we’ve put the programme together so Friday night’s “headline” tasting will be all together, and then on Saturday after we get back from our distillery tour we’ll be holding 4 different tasting sessions: you’ll be able to choose 2 of those to go along to, based on what you’re more interested in.

We’ll tell you all about the lineup in due course, but the main thing for now is to get the dates into your diaries.

JULY 4, 5 and 6 2014

Oh, one other thing…

Dramboree 2014 is going to be so unbelievably easy for you to get to this year.

Basically, the event will start at the coach collection point in Central Glasgow – just get yourself there for the departure time, and we’ll transport you from Glasgow to the ferry terminal, and then we’ll cruise on the ferry (with whisky tasting, naturally) to the site.  And back again on the Sunday.

And it’s all included in your booking fee!

Cool, huh?

Stay tuned for more info – either by signing up for updates here, or by Twitter.

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