Excitement for you, and for us!

No news for a couple of days there – it’s been very busy in the Dramboree HQ bunker, with lots of questions and interest flying in over the wires, and lots of bookings flying out (metaphorically).  We’re down to our last handful of tickets now and we thought we’d tell you all about another one of our tasting workshops…

You’d be amazed how hard it is to find a sensible photo of Angus on the internet.

Back by very popular demand we’re delighted to welcome Angus MacRaild of Whisky Online Auctions.  During his time in the auction business, Angus has seen and tasted an absolute wealth of old and interesting bottles of whisky, from which he’s soaked up a vast amount of knowledge & history.

At Dramboree 2013 he presented a brace of old and rare whiskies – perhaps not rare in the sense that they were expensive or hard to find when they were released, but because they were all from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s they shone an interesting light on the production and marketing techniques of yesteryear – as well as being a delicious bunch of drams!

Whatever Angus has in store for us this year – it’s bound to be engaging stuff!

And if he’s got any more of that delicious Glendronach 12yo like we had at Dramboree 2013… well…  let’s wait and see, shall we.

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