And the final tasting workshop is…

…ready to tell you all about!

(I know we preface every single one of these messages with “we’re very excited to announce”, but, well… we ARE!)

We’ve deliberately spread our tasting workshops around in “influence” or “background” this year – we’ve got The Retailer, we’ve got The Whisky Brand, we’ve got The Auctioneer of Old and Rare, and now we have… The Independent Bottler!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnnabel Meikle possibly needs no introduction to many people, such is her presence in the business of whisky.  We could list all of the things she’s been involved with or is currently doing, but it’s far more interesting to chat to her about those in person.

The crucial thing for us to convey here though is that Annabel will be leading a sensory graze through a handpicked selection of single-cask bottlings from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and sharing some of her experience & knowledge to accentuate peoples’ flavour journey through the whisky landscape in her Dramboree session, “The Language of Flavour”.

And for anyone not already familiar with the SMWS: you’ll experience whisky like you’ve possibly never seen before.  All personality, all individual, all wonderful (and that goes for Annabel, too).

So, there’s our tasting workshop lineup.  Impressive, no?

For the lucky, lucky souls who’ve got their Dramboree tickets – we’ll be in touch shortly with a bunch of questions including getting you to give us your preferences for which 2 tasting workshops you’d like to go to.

For everyone else – we’re afraid you’ll just have to salivate with envy for now, and keep your ear to the ground for the Dramborees of the future…

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