ledaig_shotEveryone will have fond memories of the Dramboree-exclusive bottling of 8 year old Ledaig, right? With its sweet, earthy aroma, feisty spice & chocolate taste held together by notes of bacon and charcoal, and spicy, leafy finish?

Some folks may even still have their bottle peeping out from their whisky shelves!

If you’re not one of those folks then now might be a good time to scoop up one of the few last remaining bottles, because our bottle’s ONLY GONE AND WON AN AWARD!

As spotted in Issue 124 (the one with David Beckham on the cover), one of the features is the results of the 2014 Independent Bottlers Challenge – and it seems that our Ledaig (expertly selected by Ollie and Billy from TWE, with help from Jonny and Jason) and its timid little 58.8%abv took the

Gold Medal for Best Island (non-Islay) Malt 12 Years & Under


Well, after that piece of news it’s time for a cup of tea and a sitdown…


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