Exclusive bottling. Very impressive indeed.

For the third year running we’ve got a special extra treat available only to Dramboree participants – an EXCLUSIVE bottling!
arran-19-year-old-batch-5-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whiskyAnd this one’s a bit special, too…

The magnificent chaps over at That Boutique-y Whisky Company (and proud sponsors of Dramboree 2016) have rummaged through their vast casking bunker and uncovered this little beauty…  A 19 year old from the Arran Distillery!

From some of the oldest Arran stocks around, this limited run of 75 bottles (at 54.6%abv) features a label from TBWC’s Arran series, but with the Dramboree treatment.  If you look closely you might recognise a few things from years gone by.

It’s quite a small run so we’re not expecting it to hang around for very long.  Dramboree 2016 participants have been sent the link to buy – please drop us a line if you haven’t got this.

Don’t miss out!

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