How long til Dramboree?


is a Dramboree?

We all love trying interesting whiskies, right?  Ever looked at a bottle of whisky you've bought and thought, "I'm going to open that one day, when it's the right moment!".

Yep, us too.

And we decided to create The Right Moment.

In 2013 two really enthusiastic whisky fans envisioned the perfect whisky weekend, and then made it happen: a whole summer weekend in idyllic Scotland. The concept was simple: Everyone would bring whisky they'd like to share with other whisky fans. We'd talk about whisky, do some tastings and visit a distillery.  We'd have some nice food, and take it easy... No rush, no drinking up times, no thronging queues or worries about having to get home at closing time.

Sounds great, doesn't it?


The first Dramboree brought together 30 eager, friendly whisky-lovin' folk from all over the UK (plus some guests from Europe), and we had such a brilliant time we decided we'd do it all again in 2014.

(to find out just how amazing Dramboree was in 2013, have a read of Miss Whisky's blog post, or the exhilarating coverage from the Master of Malt blog - Part I and Part II)

How, When, Where & How Much?

(a.k.a. The Important Information)

The outline of the weekend goes something like this…


2pm The coaches leave Glasgow, heading to the ferry point.  We then board for our cruise along Loch Lomond (and whisky tasting) which takes us to the Dramboree site.

After settling into our rooms, we all gather in the main room for Friday's Headline Whisky Tasting with the entire Dramboree group.

Next is the "opening" of the whisky sharing table, where all the lovely whiskies people have brought to share are put.

Dinner follows this, and the rest of the night's dedicated to meeting people, sharing whiskies - and if people have brought a whisky which they'd like to talk a bit about there's also an "Introduce your bottle" session.

How, When, Where & How Much?


Rise & Shine for Breakfast, and an optional Scottish specialty pastime known as a "Loonydook"...

We'll then board the minibuses to travel to the Glengoyne distillery for a behind-the-scenes distillery tour  along with a tasting, and a spot of lunch.

We return to the Dramboree site for the afternoon: 2 more whisky tasting workshops (of 4 available to choose from).

And then the crew from Master of Malt will again put on what can only be described as The Epic Barbecue Dinner.


We get up, have breakfast, pack up...

The ferry arrives to collect us all, take us back to be met by the coach, and whisk us all back to Central Glasgow in time for us to make our various ways home!

And in addition to all this great stuff we'll have the whisky sharing table which you can sample from at your leisure across the course of the whole weekend!

How much will all this cost me?

All in for £190 per person.

Accommodation, whisky tasting workshops, coach and ferry transport, meals, tasting glass.


What will I need to provide?

Clothes, a bottle (or 2) of whisky you'd like to share for the weekend, shower & hygiene equipment, and any extra snacks or personal specifics you'd like.

There is a small shop on the Dramboree site which will be stocked up with various snacks & drinks (including a selection of locally produced beers, for those who fancy a break from whisky).


So once all that's sorted out, all you need to do is to get yourself to Glasgow by 2pm on Friday July 4th.  We'll take care of everything else from there onwards.

The Dramboree 2014 location is on the edge of Loch Lomond - the biggest (and one of the most scenic) expanses of water in Scotland.

The accommodation is dormitory style (max 6 per room) with toilets and showers - the venue is of a high standard and often used for wedding receptions.

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What now then?

Dramboree is now fully booked!

If you'd like to go onto the Reserve List to be the first to hear if any become available, please let us know using this form:

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