Policies and rules


Dramboree is run as an enthusiast-led event through the work and help of volunteers, and is not a commercial event.


We unfortunately cannot offer any refunds for Dramboree bookings once made – as the event is run as non-profit and self-funding.

If you are unable to attend, please let us know with as much notice as possible and we will endeavour to find someone to take over your spot(s) as required.  If we are able to find someone, we will reimburse your funds upon receipt of theirs.


As the event is focussed on whisky, there will be alcohol consumed throughout the course of the weekend.  It is up to the participants to drink responsibly & self-regulate.  All participants must be at least 18 years of age to participate in Dramboree.  If there is any doubt the organisers will check IDs prior to boarding the coach in Edinburgh, and anyone under the legal age will not be permitted to travel to the site and refunding booking fees will not be possible.

For further information & resources on responsible alcohol consumption, please visit drinkaware.co.uk


An event like this can only run successfully if all participants behave respectfully and sensibly.  Meals are provided for the weekend – all participants are encouraged to take advantage of these throughout the weekend.

There will be drinking water and spittoons provided: the focus of the weekend is quality and enjoyment.

Anyone behaving in a manner causing nuisance to others may be removed from the event site.


Dramboree is insured for public liability up to £1m.  For details of the policy, please contact us.


Attendance at Dramboree is at participants’ own risk.  The organisers take no responsibility for any personal property or effects brought to the venue.