Congratulations to Mike Mussard, the winner of our Facebook competition!

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 15.37.26Over on our Facebook Page we had a “Like & Share” contest for a 20cl bottle of Glengoyne 21 Year Old, from our friends over at Glengoyne (where last year’s Dramboree Tour was held).

We took the encouragingly large number of entries we had, copied the list into an Excel spreadsheet, printed it out, then cut each one out (don’t panic people with short names – the Excel gridlines ensured each entry had identical surface area and therefore stood an equal chance of winning), then put the bits of paper into The Dramboree Sock and Jonny had the unenviable task of fishing one out…

And that’s where Mike comes in.  Congratulations Mike – this tasty little beastie is winging its way to you as we speak.

Thanks all who entered, and be sure to enter any more contests we can think of.  The Dramboree Sock needs a wash, so rest assured next time we’ll come up with a similarly randomised way of selecting a winner.  Jason’s already looking up aquariums, desk fans and SCUBA masks on eBay.

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