What we’ll be doing on Friday July 3rd. Jealous, much?

So, we normally tell people a little bit in advance about what we’ll be doing at Dramboree – and the headline tasting workshop for Friday is too good not to share!  We’re calling it “Malts You Can’t Get Yet”.

Of the 105(ish) distilleries making spirit in Scotland today, there’s a handful that you can’t get whisky from.  Some of these are old & gone, but excitingly there’s some that have started up and have no product for you to buy yet.  But, as fans of the guid auld Scotch drink we thought it’d make an interesting session – and so, we’ve done just that!

We’ve arranged for representatives of Strathearn Distillery, Ballindalloch Distillery, and the Ailsa Bay distillery to come & share with us a bit about what they’re doing and what inspires them to do things the way they do.  Three different approaches, three different goals, three different spirits.

There’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else!

Ridiculously, there are still a few tickets left for Dramboree 2015 – if you’d like to join us, there’s still time!  However we’d advise getting on to it soon, because when we announce what’s on the card for Saturday you’re going to lose your minds…

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