A distillery tour opportunity to remember!

cragganmore_stillsHere at Dramboree HQ we make it our business to try to design the most-fun whisky weekend we can.  The whole thing was formed out of trying to put on the event that we really wanted to go to but couldn’t find anywhere.  And as whisky fans we love visiting distilleries and not only finding out how things are done, but also having a memorable experience custom-made just for us.  I think we’re gonna knock it out of the park this year.

Thanks to our excellent friends at Diageo we’ve lined up a very special tour at one of Speyside’s finest, Cragganmore Distillery.

We’re going to be not only touring the distillery, but also being treated to a special tasting, and learning about some of the finer points of the whisky-maker’s craft from some of the incredibly experienced and knowledgeable folks in the whisky making team.  And once the touring, tasting and teaching’s all done we’ve been given unbelieveable access with a Q&A panel session – a genuine opportunity to find out facts & stories from real industry & production experts.

Frankly, no serious whisky fan should miss this.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in you’re in luck – we still have a couple of tickets left.  But you don’t have long to make your mind up…

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